Since 2004, 3 Dirty Dawgz (3DD) has been sniffin' out a mission: To make each and EVERY dawg in the world STYLISH and HIP!

Every 3DD collar is sewn entirely by hand in Wilmington, NC (good ol' USA!). We take pride in our work and pay close attention to detail to make sure each and every collar has a 4 paw, wiggle butt stamp of approval on it before we ship it on out to your soon to be "hip" pooch! We offer unique, colorful, eye-catching designs at VERY affordable prices. Once your doggie gets their paws on one of our awesome custom dog collars, they'll be beggin' for more.

3DD was created while searching high and low, near and far (well ok, maybe we are exaggerating just a tad bit!) for the "perfect collar", we became increasingly agitated with the less than stellar selection at the "big chain" pet supply retailers. We were just VERY sick of the same old paw print and dog bone designs, we decided to start making our own FABULOUS dog collars and voila - 3 Dirty Dawgz was born.

So, who are the 3 Dirty Dawgz you ask?! 

LOGAN (At the Rainbow Bridge)

Logan was a big ol’ goofy chocolate Lab whose tail just never stopped wagging! He greeted every doggo + human with enthusiasm as they would enter the dog park!  He was SUPER laid back and didn’t have any cares in the world except for, "what are you feeding me for dinner?" We’re sure he’s chilling at the Rainbow Bridge with his brothers and sister! Pretty certain he is the Mayor of the Rainbow Bridge!

KIZMO (At the Rainbow Bridge)

Kizmo was our yellow Lab who should have been born a chicken, 'cause he sure acted like one! We truly believe that his own shadow scared him! Kizmo was a sweetheart and was soooo obsessed with his ball. He is for SURE playing ball all day long at the Rainbow Bridge.

MINI COOPER (At the Rainbow Bridge)

Cooper was our wonderful black Lab mutt mix.  He was the smallest out of the crew but had a whole 'lotta attitude! His favorite pastime was growling for no reason when another dog walked in the room! Guess he just wanted everyone to know he must be acknowledged! We’re fairly certain he expects all the doggos at the Rainbow Bridge to refer to him as King Cooper!


The “Dirty Dawgz”are patiently waiting at the Rainbow Bridge…Until we meet again my loves!






Mini Cooper

So, who were/are 3DD's Honorary Dirty Dawgz you ask?

Fletcher, Shadow and Nika are not part of the original 3 Dirty Dawgz Crew but that doesn’t make them any less special!

FLETCHER (At the Rainbow Bridge)

Fletcher was the dog that I had always wanted and FINALLY my parents let me get a dog while in High School. Fletcher was a Border Collie mix. He was mild mannered and a very good listener. And did I mention cute as a button? Hopefully he’s enjoying long boat rides at the Rainbow Bridge. He loved the boat!

SHADOW (At The Rainbow Bridge)

LIL' Miss Shadow, was a Border Collie/Chow mix. Her prior family dumped her at the shelter at the age of 9 (Absolutely heartbreaking).  We scooped her up after some weekend sleepovers with the little darling! Shadow was the old lady of the bunch and enjoyed her quiet time snuggling in a teeny tiny ball in front of the TV. We’re sure she’s rubbing her face on all the fresh linens the Rainbow Bridge has to offer!


Nika is an adoooorable Black Lab mix. We’re thinking of Whippet because she’s so sleek and petite! Nika was left abandoned with her sister in the woods. She still has a bit of anxiety but she sure has come a long way! Nika adores wearing doggo clothing and loves to show off her “doggy style” while out and about! Whether it be chillin’ at a brewery, relaxin’ at an outdoor cafe, a walk on the beach or walkies downtown, Nika is the best dressed pooch in all the land! Just ask her closet!!