Hanukkah Dog Collars

Jewish Pooches Love Our Hanukkah Dog Collars!

This Chanukah make your favorite Jewish K9 feel special with a Star of David themed dog collar. We’ve also got blue dreidels and spinning dreidels. Your best doggo buddy can celebrate those eight crazy nights in style with a Hanukkah print 3 Dirty Dawgz collar!

Hanukkah Dog Collars

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Blue Dreidel Dog Collar - 00000000 fe63 b1f4

Blue Dreidel Dog Collar

Hanukkah Dreidels Dog Collar - 00000000 004c d4b2

Hanukkah Dreidels Dog Collar

Jewish Star Dog Collar - 00000000 fa49 d389

Jewish Star Dog Collar

Star Of David Dog Collars - 00000000 228a 92d3

Star Of David Dog Collars