The ribbon/fabric used on some collars are somewhat delicate. Therefore special care may be necessary.

Hand washing is the best way to ensure collars stay their absolute best. Fill up the sink with warm soapy water and let soak for a couple hours. Lightly sponge any soiled areas and than hang dry. Voila! All Clean.

For a sparkling clean, try washing collars on top rack of the dishwasher, air dry only & NEVER use heat to dry.

Collars can also be placed in a washing machine, delicate cycle only. The Dirty Dawgz like to place them in a pillowcase, tie it up with not much room for the collars to move around and when done remove from pillowcase and hang dry! Again…do not dry in the dryer. Air dry only please.

When adjusting the size, please be gentle, adjusting too quickly may snag ribbon/fabric! Be gentle. There are “teeth” on the buckle to ensure that the adjustment stays set.

At 3DD we prefer a very STRONG but lightweight webbing material for our dog collars! Forget about those super BULKY & HEAVY nylons...we use a nice Polypro Webbing that can withstand even the HARDEST pullers...strength shouldn't have to be uncomfortable and HEAVY on your dog's neck, that is why we chose this as our go to HEAVY backing material for our ribbons! We know it may look thinner BUT we promise it is TOUGH as nails!

X-Small/Cat collars are ½” wide and fit approximate neck sizes of 8"-12”.

Small collars are ¾” wide and fit approximate neck sizes of 11”-15”.

Small collars that are 1” wide fit approximate neck sizes of 11”-15”.

Medium collars are 1” wide and fit approximate neck sizes of 14”-22”.

Large collars are 1” wide and fit approximate neck sizes of 17”-27”.

X-Large collars are 1” wide and fit approximate neck sizes of 21”-35”

3DD standard leash length is 5-1/2’ long.

Since 3DD collars and leashes are all handmade, custom sizing is available. Please let us know if you need a special length!

No problem! Feel free to email us pictures of your best buddy sportin’ 3DD’s cool & hip collars/leashes! 

Please make sure to send the best quality picture possible and check back to see their famous paws in our Waggin’ Tails section! Don’t forget to let your friends and families know how famous your mutt REALLY is!

Send pictures to [email protected].

Since all collars and leashes are handmade with love it may take a few days (generally 2-4 days) for them to be made. 

3DD ships through the United States Postal Service. Smaller orders are shipped out First Class mail and take approximately 3-7 days for ship time. The United States Postal Website states 2-3 days BUT unfortunately that is NOT accurate! 3-7 days IS the normal ship time for First Class Mail. Larger size orders are shipped Priority Mail and takes approximately 2-3 days for arrival. Please note that larger size orders have a longer lead-time and may take longer than a few days to make. For an estimate on how long a larger order will take, please contact us for a better estimate.

International shipping will take quite some time. Each country has a different time frame for when the order will arrive. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks to receive your order…of course shipping to most countries will not take nearly that long!

Also please note that during holiday seasons (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick’s day…etc.) order fulfillment may take slightly longer than the above described time frames.

3DD is totally customer friendly! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item for a refund/exchange as long as it hasn't been worn/used. However, shipping will not be reimbursed if 3 Dirty Dawgz was not at fault (meaning your order was sent excatly as ordered). Return shipping costs of items to 3 Dirty Dawgz  is non-refundable as well.

Custom items are non-refundable.

To ensure that your order arrives in a timely manner, please make sure that your mailing address is correct! The majority of customer complaints about not receiving an order are in fact due to providing us with the incorrect mailing address.

Since we can only rely on the address you have provided, any order that needs to be reshipped (due to incorrect address), will incur additional mailing fees!

Our collars are very well made, stitched multiple times near major stress points, we use heavy duty metal hardware and very hard acetate clips on our side release buckle collars.

Although stronger than most other dog collars, extra-large dogs and heavy pullers may break such buckles when frozen and put under too much pressure. If you think your dog and their activities may put exceptional strain on the collar, try one of our silver or black metal buckles. 

Also, please note that it is extremely important to check your pet’s collar regularly for signs of wear and tear, especially the buckle itself and the stress point areas. 

Please make sure all martingale collars are NOT left on your pet while you are not home! Any collar should not be left on a crated dog.

Please take a moment to review our disclaimer.

The problem with computer monitors is they are all set differently. Some computers are bright, others are dark!  If you have any question at all about a color in a collar, don’t be shy! Contact us and we can give you a better description of colors.

3DD ships all collars at the smallest adjustment setting soooo if you have a problem with the collar being too small just slide the silver metal adjuster away from the ring you attach the leash too.  Voila!!! It fits.

Don’t bite the mailman!! All tags are shipped separate from your 3DD collar/leash order.  They ship directly from the tag maker. DaisyPop tags and Good Dog Tags may take up to 3 weeks to receive. Red Dingo tags are generally made and shipped within a week.

Here at 3 Dirty Dawgz we adore pets. We donate quite often to rescue groups and dogs in need. Although we cannot donate to each and every cause we consistently donate our products as much as we can. We try to share the wealth and limit our donation s to one collar per organization.

Bark at us if your organization is interested in larger quantities of collars, we offer special wholesale pricing.