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Red Dingo Dog Tag (Bone)


Small (4/5")
Medium (1-1/4")
Large (1-1/2")
Black Dog Bone Pet Tag
Purple Dog Bone Pet Tag
Dark Blue Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Dark Blue
Light Blue Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Light Blue
Green Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Yellow Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Orange Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Red Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Pink Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Hot Pink Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag
Hot Pink
Brown Dog Bone Red Dingo Pet Tag

Collars + Leashes:   Ships within 2-4 days.

Collar Tags:   Ships within 1 week.

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This Red Dingo Bone Dog Tag will look absolutely PAWfect on your awesome doggo whether hiking on a trail, chillin’ at the local brewery,  sniffing fire hydrants on a neighborhood work on anywhere you and your best friend may travel.

This Dog Bone Pet ID Tag is available in a plethora of colors including black, purple, dark blue, light blue, green, orange, pink, hot pink, brown,  red and yellow!

Why not treat you super cool pooch to a Red Dingo Stainless Steel
Enamel pet tag? Your best pal will be stylin’ for sure wherever he or
she goes with these colorful, super sturdy Red Dingo dog tags! Plus not
only will these hip dog tags enhance your pal’s appearance it will also
give you piece of mind knowing that if your best dog pal does get lost
all your important information will be available for their safe, happy
and Waggin’ return!

Each one of these pet tags is tailor-made with love and care for your precious furry friend. With this
is mind there cannot be any refunds once a purchase is made, unless there is an error on our end.

Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

Recommended Engraving Facts:
10-12 letters for all size tags is recommended
2-3 lines for small
3-4 lines for medium
4-5 lines for large


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