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Cool Hipster Dog Collar


Small (1" W, 11"-15" L)
Medium (1" W, 14"-22" L)
Large (1" W, 17"-27" L)
Extra Large (1" W, 20"-34" L)
Plastic Buckle
Metal Buckle
Martingale w/ Chain
Martingale w/ Plastic Buckle
Martingale w/ Metal Buckle
Plastic buckle colors were made to match nylon colors, not the colors on the ribbon.
Army Green
Grass Green
Hot Pink
Light Pink
Lime Green
Mint Green
Navy Blue
Neon Pink
Orange Plastic
Pacific Blue
Purple Plastic
Red Plastic
Turquoise Blue
White Plastic
Yellow Plastic
Plastic buckle colors were made to match nylon colors, not the colors on the ribbon.
Black Metal
Silver Metal
Nylon colors are meant to closely match buckle color.
As Shown
Army Green
Dark Turquoise
Grass Green
Hot Pink
Hunter Green
Light Blue
Light Pink
Lime Green
Mint Green
Navy Blue
Neon Pink
Pacific Blue
Pumpkin Orange
Royal Blue
Yellow Gold
Sour Apple
3DD Matching Leash
Matching Leash ($5.00 off with purchase of leash/collar combo)
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Collars + Leashes:   Ships within 2-4 days.

Collar Tags:   Ships within 1 week.


3DD’s  Cool Hipster Dog Collar will have your best buddy looking Hekkin Handsome will also being the snazziest dressed pooch at the dog park. We just know all the dawgz will be OOhing and AAhing as they stare in disbelief at how awesome his manly dog collar is!

This Dapper Dog Collar showcases the best dressed doggos in all the land! There’s a gray + white Pitbull dog dressed to the nines wearing an orange hat and a polka dot bowtie. Check out that mustache on this reBARKably dressed Pittie. Whatta Fancy Pants Pooch. Check out the black + white Labradoodle all decked out in a Chevron print tie and a dapper pipe. This guy is too cool for school! Also, check out our Hipster Terrier, he’s all cool with his headphones and Bougie scarf. Also might we add that this Terrier dog has THE cutest little circle around his eye. There’s a rare sighting of a Mudi dog looking all sorts of snazzy in a green cap and striped tie. I’m not sure it can get any cuter then this lil’ guy! But wait…it can…feast your eyes in the Kooikerhondje dog looking all studious and smart in a patterned tie and matching glasses. This guy just exudes genius status with his briefcase and an umbrella just in case of a sudden rainstorm. You wouldn’t want to mess up the PAWfect fur would ya?! To finish off the pack of puppers there is an Australian Shepherd looking all chill with a baby blue patterned cap and polka dot tie. Check out that monocle.  This guy must be all sorts of important!

Just be warned. We cannot help if your dawg will be stalked by the PAWparazzi while looking ReBARKable in this awesome + unique  + EXCLUSIVE 3DD awesome dog collar!

So, want your dog to be sportin’ THE coolest dog collars EVER? Just click add to cart and your pup will thank you! Lots…and we do mean LOTS!

You can’t make a wrong choice if you add this awesome and one of a kind Snazzy dog collar to your cart. Have multiple dogs get them each one!! 🙂

Collar Type: Ribbon

Product ID: EX138


  • Please measure your dog’s neck for the correct size prior to ordering to avoid exchanges or returns! Shipping costs are no joke these days!
  • 3DD uses silver metal hardware for the d-ring (This is what the leash attaches to), slide adjuster (This is to adjust the size so you have the “Pawfect” fit for you furry friend) and leash clasp.
  • 3DD Collars are easily washable when you let soak in warm soapy water for a half hour or more. Scrub lightly to remove any heavy soiled areas. Can be washed in a washing machine. We suggest putting the collar in a tube sock (so it’s less noisy) and hang dry ONLY! But we suggest soaking to keep your collar looking pristine!
  • 3DD collars are handmade in Wilmington, NC. The good ol’ USA!! Each collar may have a slight variance in size. (.5″ – 1″) Please choose collar size accordingly and keep this variance in mind when ordering..
  • 3DD offers a variety of collar types: Plastic buckle collars. (This is your standard most widely purchased type of collar) Silver metal buckle collars. (These are for strong pullers) Martingale collars. (Martingale collars are used for dogs with small necks and tend to slip out of collars like Greyhounds and Whippets. They are also used for training purposes to help control a dog on a leash better) Martingale collars with a buckle. (Same as a martingale collar but has an added buckle for easy on and off) And lastly a martingale with a chain. (Same as a martingale collar but a chain is used in place of the decorative print loop)
  • 3DD uses heavyweight Polypropylene webbing (This is the thick backing that we sew the ribbon on to. This ensures that your best buddy stays safe.)


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