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Striped Dog Collars for Stripe Addicts!

Have a pooch that goes absolutely crazy for stripes? Well, look no further! 3DD’s section of striped dog collars is the place to find that perfect collar! We offer eye catching striped dog collars in a vast array of color combinations from bright and colorful to shades of blue and green for those manly dogs in the world as well as pink and purple color combinations for those super stylish girlie pups out there!

And, for you hardcore stripe addicts, don’t leave without checking out our one of a kind Create-A-Stripe section that allows YOU to create your very own striped dog collar!

Striped Dog collar With melon Green & Yellow Stripes

Melon Yellow Stripe Dog Collar

$15.95 – $41.95

Green & Navy Preppy Cat Collar

Navy & Green Preppy Cat Collar

$13.95 – $35.95

Pink & Navy Stripes Dog Collar

Navy & Pink Striped Dog Collar

$15.95 – $41.95

Striped Necktie Dog Collars In Olive Green

Necktie Stripes Dog Collars

$15.95 – $41.95

Striped Necktie Dog Collars In Pink

Necktie Stripes Dog Collars

$15.95 – $41.95