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Dog Collars With Orange & Blue Striped Print

Moroccan Heat Stripes Dog Collar

This 3DD Exclusive Moroccan Heat Stripes Dog Collar is soooooo super HOT you're Furry Friend will need a "Frosty Paws" treat to cool off!

The nylon color the 3DD "pack" has chosen for your perfect pup is dark turquoise.

Since we totally dig this collar with a turquoise plastic  choosing the plastic buckle As Shown option you will receive it exactly as  pictured.

Also available in standard martingale collar (no buckle), chain martingale and a matching leash.

This super pet collar has a blazing orange based ribbon accented with mint and sapphire thinner width ribbons that create this HOT striped design.

* Just a Note * Our photo skills are not prize winning..believe us, this picture does  absolutely no justice to how beautiful the collar actually is! Trust  us...this is WAY more gorgeous in person! The buckle photographs terrible!

Collar Type: Ribbon

Product ID: 3STR14

Ships within: 2-4 Days

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