Bake the Cake and Blow Out the Candles! It’s Our Birthday Dog Collars Collection!

For a tail chasin’ good Birthday why not pick out a nifty new birthday dog collar for your best bud? Maybe a colorful balloon themed collar or how about some exquisitely wrapped Birthday presents or maybe a cupcake collar, the decision is yours just make sure all the “pawty” guests having a barking good time!

Dog Collar With Party Balloons

Party Balloon Dog Collar

$15.95 – $41.95

Dog Collars With Party Cake Print

Party Cakes Dog Collar

$15.95 – $41.95

Cat Collar With Baked Treats

Pink Cupcake Cat Collar

$13.95 – $35.95

Dog Collars With Pink Present Design

Pink Presents Dog Collar

$15.95 – $41.95

Sweet Cupcake Cat Collar

Sweet Cupcakes Cat Collar

$13.95 – $35.95

Dog Collar with Sweet Treat Design

Sweet Treats Dog Collar

$15.95 – $41.95