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Custom Designed Dog Collars

Can't find exactly what you are looking for? No problem! We welcome custom orders for custom designed dog collars and more! Whether you wanna send us ribbons/fabrics you have found on your travels or if you want us to try to find 'em just let us know. Just remember there are some specifics on what width of ribbon we use, how many yards of fabric we need to make up custom designed dog collars and/or leashes, type of fabric, etc. Email us for specifics if interested!

Aside from our "custom" orders we also offer special order products. These are items we make but just didn't want to overwhelm our standard item menus! Contact us for special order pricing!


For Humans

Belts for Humans

Belts for Humans

Our human ribbon belts are a wonderful accessory to any outfit! We offer adult and children's preppy ribbon belts! Maybe you wanna match your dog's awesome 3DD collar and leash set with a matching belt for yourself? No problem, just send us your dimensions and we can have both you and your pooch stylin' in no time!!

Key Rings

Key Rings for Humans:

These are sooooo cool! Attach your keys to these key rings and you are sure to never lose them EVER with our colorful and eye-catching ribbons that they are made from!


Dog Leashes & Collars

Custom Designed Dog Collars & Leashes

Dog Leashes with a Handle:

Looking for even more control of your dog in a snap. These leashes are made with a handle near the clasp for quick control. Now off you go!

 Custom Dog Leashes with Buckles

Dog Leashes with a buckle:

This super cool dog leash has a buckle so if you want to clip the leash around yourself to keep your hands free while walking your dog than this leash is for YOU! It can also be used to hook your pup to a pole, tree or chair when out and about. Great for clipping your social dog to outdoor café tables.

Dog Leash Coupler

Dog Leash Coupler:

Have more than one pet and want to get rid of that dreaded tangling of leashes? We can make up couplers for two dog, three dogs or whatever size pack you may have.

Slip Collar or Choke Collar

Slip Collar / Choke collar:

Slip/Choke collars work just like the traditional choke chains, but are made from comfy nylon in place of a chain for a more humane collar.

Slip Leashes and Kennel Leads

Slip Leashes / Kennel Leads:

This is a collar and leash all in one! Kennel leads offer quick and easy control of dogs for groomers, handlers, or veterinary workers.