About 3 Dirty Dawgz

Since 2004, 3 Dirty Dawgz (3DD) has been sniffin' out a mission:
To make each and EVERY dawg in the world STYLISH and HIP!

Every 3DD collar is sewn entirely by hand in Wilmington, NC (good ol' USA!). We take pride in our work and pay close attention to detail to make sure each and every collar has a 4 paw, wiggle butt stamp of approval on it before we ship it on out to your soon to be "hip" pooch! We offer unique, colorful, eye catching designs at VERY affordable prices. Once your doggie gets their paws on one of our awesome custom dog collars, they'll be beggin' for more.

3DD was created while searching high and low, near and far (well ok, maybe we are exaggerating just a tad bit!) for the "perfect collar", we became increasingly agitated with the less than stellar selection at the "big chain" pet supply retailers. We were just VERY sick of the same old paw print and dog bone designs (yeah, we know our guys are dogs, but does that have to be reiterated on their collars?!) We decided to start making our own, and voila - 3 Dirty Dawgz was born.

So, who are the 3 Dirty Dawgz you ask?! LOGAN is a big goofy chocolate Lab whose tail just never stops wagging! He's laid back and doesn't have a care in the world except for, "what are you feeding me for dinner?" KIZMO is our yellow Lab who should have been born a chicken, 'cause he sure acts like one! We truly believe that his own shadow scares him! MINI COOPER was our wonderful black Lab mutt mix. Our beloved Cooper crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on January 4,2015 from cancer. He was the smallest out of the crew with a whole 'lotta attitude! And last but not least, our honorary Dirty Dawg, LIL' MISS SHADOW, a Border Collie/Chow mix. Sweet Shadow crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on June 17, 2015. She was sick for many months with chronic renal failure. She fought like a Rock Star but her ailing body just couldn't fight anymore. Shadow was the old lady of the bunch and enjoyed her quiet time snuggling in a teeny tiny ball in front of the TV.

Wow, you've actually read all through that! Good Human! As a reward, now go get yourself some new unique dog collars.

Logan, Chocolate Lab  Kizmo, Yellow Lab Mini Cooper, Black Lab Lil Miss Shadow